Friday, January 2, 2015

How To: Fix "A referral was returned from the server." Acer W3-810

I have a Acer W3-810 which I needed to run a recovery. Everything was alright, until it came back into Windows and this error message was encountered.

So I decided to drill into this file and found an interesting error message about the Digital Signature.

Taking a deeper look into the Certificate, it has expired on 14 Sep 2013.

So the resolution is very simple, ensure your system time is set prior to14 Sep 2013. You can do this in 2 ways depending on how you would like it:
  1. Change System Date and re-run Recovery
    Personally, I would prefer this as I always like clean installs. To shorten things, here's the YouTube videos Acer has put up. So enter the BIOS and do a date change - I'm not going to detail the steps here though.
  2. Change System Date and re-run ALaunchX.exe
    This is probably most would do, since you have already ran the Recovery DVD.
    • Disable access to Internet
    • Change System Date within Windows
    • Run C:\OEM\Preload\Command\AlaunchX\ALaunchX.exe (This folder would be hidden, so run as a command)


  1. Thanks, I've been trying for hours to find the answer for this problem for hours. Option 2 worked for me.

  2. Lissa Meek was right! Option 2 worked for me too. Ive been trying to look for the solutions for 2 days now.

  3. Good job :) Thank you very much !!

  4. Option 2 worked for me as well, but I like a clean system as you do so I will redo everything according to option 1. THANKS!!!