Tuesday, February 11, 2014

How To: Fix Driver Installation Issue - "The system could not find the file specified", Bluetooth Device Specific

I use a Lenovo X220 in office and I wanted to pair a bluetooth mouse with it. The trouble is I could never get past the driver installation. Hunting for the reason, I went installing Lenovo's Bluetooth Drivers, Microsoft's Mouse and Keyboard Center, trying to manually install the driver over Device Manager and all failed. It took me a good number of days trying and trying. That's when I started searching and I came across an forum post about setupapi.dev.log which is basically the logging for driver installation - details here. So here's the deal.


  1. You are running Windows 7.
  2. The bluetooth device is named "Bluetooth Peripheral Device".
  3. "Bluetooth Peripheral Device" could not install it's driver, even if you manually install it with what you have downloaded.
  4. You get the error "The system could not find the file specified" at the end of driver installation.
  5. You see Code 28 when you open the properties of the device in Device Manager.
  6. "Error 2 - The system could not find the file specified" within setupapi.dev.log (usually found in C:\Windows\inf)
  7. You find something like "Hidbth.sys" not found within setupapi.dev.log file as well.


  1. A hotfix from Microsoft: KB2489740
While this hotfix may not sound like my scenario (maybe yours as well), I still went on to download and install it. After a reboot, I removed the device and let it scan again. Finally it worked!

If you have the same issue, I hope this helps you.


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