Saturday, September 21, 2013

Review: Monetize your URLs with AdFly

I have been searching around for a way to monetize this blog. To get this blog admitted into Adsense is impossible since I do not have the traffic and do not have the content. So I have found AdFly.

It works by shortening a URL you have. When a visitor visits the shortened URL, it displays an advertisement which you will be paid for it. The amount is not significant, but grows steadily when the shortened URL is clicked on.

This would be good for media contents you have created that is hosted outside the blog, for example Youtube, Skydrive, Dropbox. The links created could be published anywhere (including social networks) if you use a custom domain with the service.

In my case, I've changed the links I have inserted in my blog entries with the shortened URL. So far the rewards hasn't been decent, but I guess it will be better once I've have enough postings. There are 2 methods to display an advertisement.

A Frammed Banner that takes up space at the top of the page:

Or Interstitial Advertisment that requires vistors to click on Skip Ad.

As of now, Interstitial Advertisments provide a better return.

So that's. Try it out. My referral link is below.

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