Wednesday, September 18, 2013

How To: Attempt to recover a Recon3D with Tactic Link that does not start

My Recon3D decided to stop working after about 1.5 years and I managed to narrow down the issue. I hope this would be useful for anyone who have the same problem and could resolve yours without a trip down to Creative technical support or purchasing a replacement part.


  • Your Recon3D with the Tactic Link does not start
  • The device cannot be detected by the system nor firmware update software
  • Recon3D works without the Tactic Link card

Possible Resolution

If Recon3D works without the Tactic Link card, you may try this. Otherwise, dig the internet further or contact Creative for other solutions.

WARNING: The resolution requires you to remove the casing and clean the contact points of the Tactic Link card. This voids the warranty and could damage the product further. I do not provide guarantee or warranty in any way.
  1. Removing the casing with a sharp object
  2. Use an eraser and rub across the contact points on both sides (boxed)
  3. Place it back into the casing and test it
If the possible resolution does not work, you might want to purchase just the Tactic Link replacement part:
If you got a new card, you will need to pair it with your headphones with the steps available on Creative Support:

Good Luck!

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