Friday, October 19, 2012

Citrix Exam A20: Links to Preparation Guide Resources

I'm not sure if anyone has done this before or if this will be helpful. This is a compilation of links to Citrix Knowledge Base articles and Citrix eDocs where they are documented in section 5.2 Resources Used to Develop the Exam of Exam A20 Preparation Guide.

Do note that these are not official from Citrix and you should use them as another guide to study for your exam. I'm posting this since I've compiled it for my own exam prep. The Exam A20 Preparation Guide should still be the official one you should study with. I will not be updating this once it's posted, but if you do find any of them to be outdated or incorrect, you may notify me by posting a comment.

Citrix Knowledge Base Articles
Citrix eDocs
For resources on Section 5.3 of the preparation guide, you can find it from under Free Exam Prep.

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