Sunday, December 18, 2011

Comparison of Sound Blaster Recon3D and Tatic3D Wireless Headphones

The information of the following table is gathered from Creative's official specifications of their Recon3D and Tatic3D Wireless headphone solutions.

Comparison findings
  • Recon3D Omega is a packaged solution consisting Sound Blaster Recon3D External Sound Card with the Tatic3D Omega Wireless Headphones. Therefore the audio support is more comprehensive than the latter.
  • The difference between Recon3D Omega and Tatic3D Omega is that Recon3D Omega does not have the headphone stand. Recon3D utilize a Tatic Link Wireless Slot Card to transmit audio signals in place of the Tatic3D Base Station included in Tatic3D Omega.
  • A lower Impedance means that it requires lesser voltage to reach a target sound pressure level and generally have louder sound than others. However I do not know how 8ohms lessser will help.
Conclusion, if you want to have an all rounded solution when using your PC/Mac and with your consoles Xbox/PS3, it will definitely be the Recon3D Omega Wireless.

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